A downloadable game

WARNING: Didnt work well for a lot of people, so i removed the download. I will try and make a better version for next demo day :)

A jolly minigolf game to play with your friends.

If you find any bugs or have any trouble connecting to friends (despite having port 7777 open) please let me know in the comments below :)

(Thanks framk for mixing the music) I love it ❤

Edit: People are having connection issues when trying to join a game, so im gona try and see if i can fix before jam is over, sorry if you get in contact and i dont reply, im just crunching pretty hard :)



Reach the flag before the other players


Arrow keys to rotate camera

Left click to put

Right click to chip



Please ensure port 7777 is open other wise you wont be able to connect to anyone :)


Other then that i hope you have a jolly time :)